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Hey, what's up? I'm Disha, an artist and freelance social media/influencer marketer born and raised in NY. 

Focusing on digital art, painting, mixed media, and street art while following my motto of, “Just Here to Put It In Color” - you will see a multitude of emotions and experiences coming to life through an array of colors in my work.

My artistic style is inspired by my Indian background and upbringing in NY. With beginning by just drawing with a sharpie from a young age, my style has now evolved abstract and has led me to experiment with different paints, mosaic stones, and papers. With my work reflecting the perceptions in my mind, join me as I explore thoughts on life, time, dimensions, and the universe.
Aside from art, my background in social media and influencer marketing goes back eight years, providing music artists and well known brands with their digital needs. As a freelancer, I aim to help businesses and influencers build their brand and presence on social to create impactful content.

Anyways, feel free to reach out. Let's chat, collaborate.

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